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Know Some Interesting Facts About Pashupatinath Darsan

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Pashupatinath Temple is the most scared temple for hindus. Many people come from different place to Nepal and do Pashupatinath Darsan . It is belived that after Pashupatinath darsan you will get mokshya and all your sin will be washed away it is one of the most importaint and famous pilgrim of Nepal. It is the temple of lord Shiva but beside this there are lots of statues of other god and goddess too. Most of the hindu’s from India is do Pashupatinath darsan they are the main tourist to visit pashupatinath temple. Pashupatinath falls under the World Heritage Site on UNESCO’s list.

Pashupatinath Darsan | Shivam Holidays

Let’s Know Some Important Facts About Pashupatinath Darsan

 Believed To Be in Existence Since 400 AD

Pashupatinath Temple is believed to be in existence since 400 AD, that’s why it is historical, important too. People come to see this temple and its beautiful art and architecture.

Only Hindus are permitted to visit

Only Hindu’s are allowed to enter the main temple for Pashupatinath darsan. Yes foreigners are also allowed but other side of the temple are allowed to visit.  

Art and architectures

People not only come for Pashupatinath darsan they  visit here to see the beautiful art and architecture. They are fascinated by the beauty of art which is carved on the door and ceiling of the temple. The statue has a fine art which is mind blowing.

The Shivalinga

The statue of Shivalinga is very unique it has four faced linga which is faced four side north, east,south and west. East face is called Tatpurushs, west facing is called sadhyojata,  North is called vamdeva and South is called Ishan. Like this each face is given name too.

Pashupatinath Darsan | Shivam Holidays


One of the beautiful temple and most of the people visit Pashupatinath temple to see the evening aarti. Evening aarti is one of the best scene people want to see and enjoy. It’s a beautiful senaro to see the aarti at Pashupatinath temple. 

Arya Ghat

One of the most attraction of Pashupatinath darshan is arya ghat the cementation place of Hindus. It is believed that  Pashupati nath temple is the best place to get mokshya after death so arya ghat is made to burn the dead body of Hindu.

At Last

Pashupatinath temple is considered as the most the most scared place and the most importaint hindu temple. There are lots of believes about pashupati nath temples but more over it is the best place to get in my person thoughts whenever I am sad I do pashupatinath darsan I really feel relax and relief from all my problems. We can also say that visiting pashupati nath is one of the best option if you feel low and sad.

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