Limi Valley Trek Upper Humla

Limi Valley Trek is a mixture of Culture, Nature and Adventure. It is far away from the capital, most remote trek in Nepal. Being close to Tibetan Border at north, Limi Valley is fully influenced by Buddhist culture and traditions.

 The lifestyle of the valley is semi-nomadic and still, people follow the polyandry system. Most of the local inhabitants of the trek trail are Thakuri and Chhetri in lower part and Buddhist in a borderland. Visit this isolated Limi valley is defines the true meaning of adventure trekking while making our way through Nepal’s longest river Karnali.

We start our Limi Valley Trek we fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj for the overnight stay. Next day morning we fly to Simikot from Nepalgunj. Simikot is district headquarter of Humla and gateway to Mount Kailash Tour.

Moreover, We trek up to SimikotLagna and descend steeply down to Majgaun village below the trail and straight walk along the Karnali river to Darapori village via Thuling village. Our Journey continuously follows the Karnali River week long via Kermi village, YalbangGompa, Yankar village, Muchu village, Tumkot village, Yari village and finally cross Nara Lagna pass 4500m and descend to Hilsa Nepal – China border.

People those go for Mount Kailash journey enter to Tibet from Hilsa. But we return back to Nepal and catch Limi valley route to Manepeme. We further trek toward Til village via Tse Naga Dzong cave. A half day easy trek we will reach to Halji (Halzi) biggest village of Limi. Here we visit Rinchhenling monastery more than thousand-year age.

This monastery is built under the guidance of the great Translator LotsawaRinchhenZangpo and fund by Malla king of Jumla. During RinchhenZangpo’s life, he built 108 monasteries in west Tibet. This monastery is the only one of them and remains inside Nepal. Then we continue trek toward Simikot via Jang village and Jang monastery another village and monastery in Limi, trek over Nyalu La pass 4950m, Seliman Lake, Langdok La, Hepka village to Simikot. From the Takchi bridge road to LapchaSyar separates. LapchaSyar is the Nepal – China border in Limi area.

One can hire a truck and drive to LapchaSyar for the view of Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. After that From the top of Nyalu La pass, we can see a panoramic view of Mount Saipal the tallest mountain of west Nepal and Nail size view of Mount Kailash afar. Best season for Limi Valley Trek is from the month of May to October.  As this region lies on rain shadow area rainfall is minimum and trekking can be done throughout the monsoon.

This Limi Valley Trek would be an ideal option for all those physical and mentally fit adventure lovers looking for off the beaten treks avoiding crowded trails with purely isolated insights into nature and culture. So you won’t be dissapointed form this trek.

Itinerary of Limi Treks:

First Day: Simikot to Darapori. 3 hours

Second Day: Darapori to Kemi 5 hours

Third Day: Kermi to Yalbang 5 hours

Fourth Day: Yalbang to Muchu 5 hours

Fifth Day: Much to Tadodunga 5 hours

Sixth Day: Tado dung to Hilsa 7 hours (have to cross the pass called Nara la 4500m)

Seventh Day: Rest day at Hilsa

Eighth Day: Hilsa to Mani Pema 5 hours

Ninth Day: Mani Pema to Til Chung (Til Village) 7 hours

Tenth Day: Til Chung to Halji 3 hours in the Morning visit to an old monastery (13th century )til village. After lunch slowly heading to halji

Eleventh Day: Halji to Jang 3 hours as same In the morning visit to the monastery(10th century).oldest monastery in Nepal.

Twelveth Day: Jang to Dangling 5 hours

Thirteenth Day: Dangling to Shaybuk 5 hours

Fourteenth Day: Shaybuk to Talung 5 hours

Fifteenth Day: Talung to Chongsa 7 hours (have to cross the pass called nano la 5001m)

Sixteenth Day: Chongsa to Nahapaldang (shingchingma) 5 hours

Seventeenth Day: Nahapaldang to Kermi 5 hours

 Eighteenth Day: Kermi to Darapori 5 hours

Nineteenth Day: Darapori to Lunch at Simikot

 Twentieth Day: fly back to nNepalgunjand kathmandu

Poon Hill Trek

poon hill trek

Poon Hill Trek

Poon hill trekking is short and very popular trekking in Annapurna region. Poonhil trekking is very popular due to poonhill itself at top of Gurung and Magar ethnic Village Ghorepani at 2800m. It takes approximately one and half hour to reach poonhill at 3200m for awesome picturesque sunrise of holy mountain fishtail, Annapurna South, Himchuli, Bharah Shikhara, Tukuche, Nilgiri, Dhaulagiri, puta- himculi and some others. Sunset views from Poonhill is also fantastic.

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annapurna base camp

Annapurna Trekking

Annapurna trekking

Experience Breathtaking Annapurna Trek with Shivam Group

This involves a 90 mins scenic drive via Phedi, Naudanda, towards Birethanti and then to Gandruk, a typical village showcasing the culture of the Gurung community which is known for its valour in the Indian and British Army. From here you view  the spectacular Fishtail, Himchuli and Annapurna south.

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Trekking in Nepal with Shivam Group

trekking in nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking is probably the highest quality experience which anyone can rarely experience in any part of the world other than Nepal. With eight among the world’s fourteen highest peaks in the world, and being the home of the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest, Nepal is a country that is a must be explored. Being a mountainous country, Nepal offers a huge potential in the Trekking adventure purpose.

Nepal can be the top destination for the trekking enthusiast. Nepal is a land of mighty mountains, it is rich in geographical diversity and there are valleys, evergreen forests, rustling rivers and narrow passes which are quite remarkable and enjoyable for trekking purposes. These things boost the quality of trekking experience. And the most favourable part for trekking in Nepal is the climatic condition and hospitality that we offer in here. People are quite hospitable and climate, which is favourable for almost any activities especially for trekking in Nepal purposes.

Trekking in Nepal is not a big deal if you are booking for it with us.  Shivam Group Holiday has always been the number one destination for the tourists when it comes to trekking. The range of geographical features, vegetation and rich Himalayan culture award trekkers with unique trekking experiences while trekking in Nepal.

Trekking in Nepal can be rewarding for the trekkers as well. Treks grants trekkers with the magnificent views of the Himalayas and an opportunity to face the nerve-jangling and challenging mountain passes. Thousands of visitors trek to different parts of Nepal each year to experience the true charisma of nature and cultures. And Shivam Group Holiday is here, with our up-to-date and affordable trekking in Nepal program and packages to assist trekkers in providing them with their unique trekking experience.

Shivam Group Holiday has the concept and philosophy to focus purely on you to enjoy your trekking with us and to make your trekking in Nepal a memorable and unforgettable experience. Likewise, We have focused on almost everything which is required for the successful completion of trekking in Nepal, which includes things like our safety standard, awesome tours, trekking staff that are well trained on first AID and high altitudes rescues and our equipment.

We have experimented each and every nook and cranny of our arrangement of treks in Nepal package and programs. Also, We guarantee that we have not made room for our clients to point out our mistakes.

Regarding our prices for the trekking package and programs, we won’t say much. It is affordable and transparent. There are no hidden charges. Book with us we will let you know where all your money is being spent on. Shivam Grou is providing trekking service with the help of the staffs who have been in this business for decades. We guarantee that we will deliver the service which will be more than the value for money.

Shivam Group has been in this business not only for the money but also to develop the tourism sector of Nepal. We aim to make our nation proud by serving our clients with our maximum effort and giving them quality satisfaction. Book treks in Nepal with us and let us serve you, we’re sure you won’t leave Nepal empty-handed. You will leave Nepal with wonderful memories for a lifetime.