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Know The Tips To Do’s And Don’ts While Jungle Safari In Nepal

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What is Jungle Safari?

Nepal is a tourist area and here are many things to absorbed most of the tourist enjoy the beauty of Nepal. Nepal is also the home of different wild animals. Here are different species of birds and animals, jungle safari is one of the part of the tour of many tourists. Jungle safari in Nepal is the most happening package which many travel companies in Nepal sell. Jungle safari in Nepal is the most happening tour because you can observe the wildlife very closely. There are many wildlife reserves and national parks in Nepal where you can do jungle safari. Royal Chitwan National Park, Royal Bardia National Park, Royal Shukla Wildlife Reserve, Parsa Wildlife Reserve and Shivapuri National Park are some of the national parks And Wildlife Reserve in Nepal.

The People who likes to have fun and want some adventurous in their life love to do jungle safari. It is indeed a thrilling experience to explore the wild nature and its creature. It is the best way to hang around in the jungle and just chill. Besides this there are many do’s and don’ts some of them are mentioned below:

Do’s While Jungle Safari In Nepal

Wear Proper Clothes

If you are planning to do jungle safari in Nepal then first thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to cover your all body with the clothes which means wear proper clothes which covers the parts of your body because you are travelling to jungle where there are many dangerous insects and flies which may bite you, you may caught of infection and may fall ill in the jungle. Therefore, prevention is better than cure.

Wear Nature Friendly Clothes

If you are doing jungle safari then another things you have to do is wear nature friendly clothes so that animals would not get scared or over attracted towards you. Don’t wear too much colored clothes because animals in the jungle might find it dangerous and attack you for safety. Therefore, environment friendly clothes are required to worn by the safarians.

Be Calm 

While you are in jungle you should stay calm and cool because unnecessary noise and excitement may disturb the animals and can make them furious and also it may hamper their daily life cycle.

Stay In Group

While you are in jungle safari in Nepal you just stay with your group so that you won’t miss your way. How much jungle and animals living there may seem quite and beautiful from outside it may be that much dangerous when outsiders interfere there lifestyle and also jungle is very big and you are new to it so you might lost your way to the group. Therefore, stay with your nature guide.

Make Your Luggage Lite

When you plan to do jungle safari then pack lite. Pack only the things which are necessary for you in the jungle.

Pack Medical Aid

Medical aid is necessary in your jungle safari because you might get ill or caught by allergy. Therefore, take your medicine with you.

Take A Good Camera

You might not visiting jungle every time. Therefore, take a good quality of camera so that you can capture the best moment and preserve it for life time memory.

Take All The Necessary Things

You should carry all the necessary things like sun blocks, sun glasses, hats to be safe from hard sun, raincoat because nature and climate is unpredictable there, mosquito repellant, antiseptic cream, bottles of water, band- aid, torch, personal hygiene products like face wash, sanitary pad, soap etc.

Jungle Safari In Nepal | Shivam Holidays

Don’ts While Jungle Safari In Nepal


Don’t Feed Animals

While your jungle safari you should be alert and keep in mind not to feed the wild animals because it might be dangerous and may hamper their daily life routine. And also their behavior are very unpredictable which may harm you as well.

Don’t Throw Your Dirt In Jungle

Jungle is the home of different animals so don’t throw your wastage in jungle. It makes the home of the wild animals dirty and may that wastage create some effect in wildlife.

Don’t Go Close To Animals

Animals are unpredictable we cannot predict their nature so be aware of animals don’t go too much close to them and don’t be that much friendly with them it might be dangerous.

Make Your Volume Low

While you are at jungle safari in Nepal make your volume low which means don’t talk loud. Loudness might disturb the animals living there and may be it get furious and harm you.

Don’t Get Down From Jeep

Please do not get down from the jeep to see elephant, collect bird feather etc. because getting down from jeep might be dangerous some wild animals can attack you.

Don’t Bring Child

While jungle safari in Nepal don’t bring child because sometime child is very unpredictable they may make loud noise which may violate the animals privacy and they may get furious.

Make Your Cell Phone Silent Or Switch Off

If you are in jungle don’t put your cell phone in loud mode this may threatened the wild animals and they might back attack you for their safety. Therefore, make your cell phone off or in silent mode.

Jungle Safari In Nepal | Shivam Holidays


At Last

Jingle safari in Nepal is very adventurous as well risky and danger if you don’t take precaution. Remember that you are inside the home of animals and don’t ever try to disturb them by teasing or throwing stone. Do not spoil the natures beauty and disturb the wild furious animals.



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