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Things You Should Know Before Visiting Nepal

Things You Should Know Before Visiting Nepal

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Traveling to any new country means something new to discover, learn and enjoy. There is whole load of possibilities while visiting a new place. There will be new areas, new people, new rules, new customs and traditions. Nepal which is a small south Asian landlocked country has lot of things to offer to its visitors. Here in this post I’ll be posting something which you really should know if you are planning to visit Nepal in the future.


Cow is the national animal of Nepal. Nepal may currently be a secular state but previously it was a Hindu country and still majority of Nepalese are Hindus. In Hindu religion cow is regarded as the mother figure and one of the sacred animal. Thus it is a great crime to kill the cow for meat in Nepal and likewise eating beef is regarded as highly disrespectful to the Hindu religion. Hence, it is not recommended for visitors to look for beef items while staying in Nepal.

Face Mask in Kathmandu

The gateway of Nepal also the capital of Nepal is full of dusty, dry and polluted air. Locals sometimes satire Kathmandu as “Dhulomandu” where “Dhulo” in Nepali means dust. There are well maintained roads in Kathmandu but Nepali government have the habit of digging the roads for water pipes or for drainage pipes and leaving those parts as it is without proper maintenance. As a result, dust justs flows in the air when vehicles pass through the same roads over and over again. Case worsens when there is rain. Thus, I advice visitors to wear face mask or use bandana to protect their respiratory system while they are walking in the roads at Kathmandu.


Lately the numbers of beggars in the street of Kathmandu is increasing a lot. Some of them are physically handicapped but most of them are nothing more than bunch of freeloaders. Some of them are young men and women who have their hands and feet and can do a decent job just to eat their daily bread. But no why would they work when they are getting easy money. So, it is recommended not to give anything to those beggars who just pop infront of you outaa nowhere. Remember if you are handing them money than you are encouraging them for begging. It is good to give to a physically handicapped beggars but not to the ones who just clings onto you and ask for money like the money which is in your pocket is their father’s property. Dont hesitate to give them your piece of mind as well.  

Bargain for the items at shop

Not all the items which are placed in the shops of Nepal are fixed price. Yup the price of those items can be lowered. But dont expect it to get the item with 50% less amount. Bargaining is also an skill so, if you are good in that then I think you can save some money which you can later use on other things.


Sudip Rai is a Kathmandu-based blogger who has been writing for nearly 10 years. When he’s not running up against a deadline, he can be found jamming up with his friends near his home.

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